Spencer Gillis

Spencer Gillis is a New York City based writer/director and camera operator.


SWEEP (2015) 

Three men meet in a strained chance encounter at a local recycling center. A tense exchange transforms into a remarkable bond transcending their differences, but a startling arrival leads to an unforgivable parting. (13 Min.)


GUN (2013)

A terrifying break-in prompts Roy to buy a handgun to protect his family, but the power he feels carrying the weapon leads down a path that may have tragic consequences. (17 Min.)




"Motherboard" - VICE MEDIA

Roundtable/Documentary, Pilot Episode (June 2015)

A series of character driven documentaries about humans and the future of tech. To premier in 2016 on VICELAND.

"30 Rock: Grizz & Dotcom" - NBC

30 Rock Web Series, Episode 4420 (February 2010)

CONTACT: spencer@twothreefive.nyc